Putnam Elementary

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School Accountability Committee

SAC Purpose

The School Accountability Committee (SAC) is a state required committee that leads school improvement. The SAC is comprised of school stakeholders including the principal, school staff, parents and community members. 

The SAC meets on a monthly basis and is open to the public.

  1. The SAC advises and recommend to the principal its school priorities for spending school moneys including state, federal and discretionary funding. El Comite darle consejos financieros al director.
  2. The SAC advises the principal regarding school improvement plans. El Comite aconsejar al director en aprendizaje.

An Open Letter From the Mr. Apodaca

Dear Parents and Families,

As we move into the new school year, I would like to invite you to consider an opportunity here at Putnam.  State law encourages parent representatives to participate on a School Accountability Committee (SAC).  The SAC would be responsible for general oversight of the school progressing toward its school-wide goals. This group will recommend to the principal 1) priorities for spending school moneys and 2) advise the school regarding the school improvement plan.  The committee will discuss the school improvement on a quarterly basis. Meeting times will be determined with new members. 

Membership of this committee will include at least 3 parents, 1 teacher, 1 Parent-Teacher Organization member, 1 community member, and the principal.  An application process will be conducted to select a minimum of seven members.  I invite you to consider this opportunity to serve Putnam. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please fill out the interest form below and return it to the office. If you have any questions, please call the office at 488-7700 or email Mr. Apodaca at sapodaca@psdschools.org or stop by the main office.

Thank you for you continued support and have a great school year!


Parents, Families or Community Members expressing interest in serving on the SAC may fill out the SAC letter (SAC Letter) and return in to the front office.

SAC Members

Families: Bill Hoffman, Lindsey Pride

Staff:  - Teacher, Steve Apodaca - Principal/Co-chair

Community Member: 

Translator: Elena Vavrina-Diaz - PSD Family Mentor

SAC General Information and Resources

SAC Requirements                             SBB Factors            SBB Site Budget Figure

School Decision Making Matrix