Putnam Elementary

School of Science

Principal's Message

Welcome to Putnam Elementary School of Science!

Our school and community are committed to serving children and providing an outstanding learning experience. I am proud to be part of a dedicated and caring team that believes in putting kids first. We firmly believe in Poudre School District’s mission statement, Educate, Every Child, Every Day !

Our schoolwide focus in science serves as a foundation for literacy at Putnam. As we move into a technological era, science and technology have become an increasingly critical component of your child’s education. At Putnam, science is integrated into the curriculum throughout the day. Students use a scientific viewpoint and inquiry as a basis for learning. Students learn the essential critical thinking skills necessary to continue their education at junior high school. 

Along with science, students have the opportunity to further enhance their educational experience through the arts. We are fortunate to have a visual arts teacher and music teacher who provide instruction that complements the sciences. It is through this curriculum that each child’s individual needs and strengths are supported and grown.  The unique perspective offered at Putnam ensures that your child will have a diverse educational experience.

At Putnam, we believe in building partnerships with our parents and community. Our combined efforts and collaboration will ensure success for your child.  Whether volunteering in the classroom or office, participating at your child’s education is an excellent opportunity for you and your student.  While visiting Putnam, you will certainly enjoy our warm inviting atmosphere and agree with us that Putnam is an exceptional school. I personally welcome you to drop by and experience our school and community. Please feel free to contact me for a visit or ask questions.

I look forward to meeting you!


Steven Apodaca