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I  love Art!  I enjoy creating her own artwork, viewing other artists work, and teaching art to young people.  Not only do I take pleasure in sharing knowledge about art history and the process of making, but I want my students to experience art and understand how much it affects their lives. This will be the sixth year with Putnam Elementary and I am looking forward to many more. I have a Bachelors Degree in Art Education from Colorado State University and a Masters degree in Art and Design in Education from University of Northern Colorado.  In my free time I enjoy gardening, traveling, rafting and skiing.

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In my classroom we will explore artist and art movements. We will experience and experiment with multiple mediums which include watercolor painting, tempera painting, oil and chalk pastels, paper collage and textiles just to name a few. We base our projects and learning from the artist process of generating ideas, making plans, project creation, self-reflection and peer feedback. This process helps students take an idea or thought from start to finish.