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I love being a teacher! My Father was a teacher in Poudre R1 School district so I think my love came naturally.  I am a Colorado native that attended school in Poudre R1, went to undergraduate at UNC and received my Masters in Education from CSU.  You could say, I love Colorado too!  I enjoy exploring the fast pace of technology and how to incorporate it into the classroom.  I am enjoying working the Code.org this year with the students and encouraging them to explore programming and Code.  I feel that this is the future for our kids.  

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We are all about Code.org this year!  We are programming Robots, writing code on the desktops and with iPads, learning about code and gaming.  The kids are getting exposure to all types of programming and our goal is to continue with this track.  We are including Code and Programming as part of our Tech curriculum.  Our administration is committed to the success of this milestone in Poudre R1.  We are the first Elementary school to have Coding as part of our curriculum.