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Mr. Joshua Gomez

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This will be my seventh year at Putnam and seventeenth in the Poudre school district as a PE teacher.  I enjoy my job, co-workers and students tremendously and always look forward to introducing new activities and skills to young people.  Outside of school, I look forward to spending time with my wife and four kids.  As a family, we enjoy all activities outdoors: camping, hiking, swimming, biking, ATV's, cook outs etc.  When we are not on an adventure or at someone's sporting event, we are happy to be home on our property with the barn, cats, chickens and our dog Ranger,  On my own time, I like to exercise and read.  I also enjoy fixing and working on those ATV's as well as some old trucks that I have collected over the years.  

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It is my goal that the students look forward to PE as one of the highlights of the week.  It was for me as an elementary aged student and it really got me excited about being involved and trying new activities and sports.  As much as possible, we are moving during class.  We are keeping that heart rate up and learning new games that are first and foremost fun, but we are also acquiring and improving our locomotor skills and our sense of spacial awareness.  In addition, we really work on having fun and focus on what a healthy lifestyle looks like with exercise and good nutrition.  Sportsmanship and positive attitude are important skills as well that transcend many aspects of life not only in athletics but also the classroom and every day life now and many years down the road. It does not matter how young or how old a person is, physical activity is an excellent way to stay fit physically, emotionally and mentally.