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Mrs. Corynne (Cory) Jaynes

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What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

My husband and I like to take our dog Yeti to the dog park and drives through the mountain. We like to take road trips to places like South Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa and exploring new places. I spend my summers working at the Greeley Independent Stampede helping with Rodeos and concerts. Although nothing beats a good movie snuggled under a blanket watching the snow fall.

Where did you grow up?

            I grew up in Oahu Hawaii. My elementary school was less than a block from the beach. It was called Lanikai Elementary School. My family moved to Denver, Colorado when I was in High School.

Why do you love being a teacher at Putnam?

            What I love about being a teacher at Putnam Elementary is that the staff, students, and families all collaborate to create a positive, engaging environment, encouraging lifelong learners.

My Classroom
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My classroom is bright and colorful, a place where students feel safe, cared for, and learn tools to be Independent. We learn from each other, help each other, we are all in this together.