Putnam Elementary

School of Science

Wellness at Putnam

What is Wellness at PSD and at Putnam?

Putnam Wellness Mission Statement:

"Putnam wellness is eating healthy, playing hard, and having fun! We take care of our bodies and minds to be better learner"

PSD Wellness Mission Statement:

“Wellness as the foundation for learning. It is sustained by creating and maintaining environments, policies, practices, access to services and resources, and attitudes that develop and support the inter-related dimensions of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health.”

Healthy Body: Promoting an active lifestyle by moving and playing 60 minutes every day.

Healthy Mind: Staying happy and focused; doing activities that make you smile.

Eating Right: Making healthy choices every day to fuel your body for success.

Who leads Wellness at Putnam?

The Putnam Wellness Committee is made up of multiple staff members, our principal, parents, and community members to support our goals. We invite anyone interested in the wellness mission to join us for an hour, a week, or a year of events and celebrations!

How do we commit to Wellness at Putnam?

Our Wellness Committee commits to our mission statement through a variety of programs which support the three mission pillars. We promote wellness during school hours and also host events outside of school to promote wellness to the families of Putnam.Recent events include family Zumba nights, the Panther Prowl Jog-a-thon fundraiser, collaboration with PSD after 3 running clubs and race-to-5k events, our school garden, and the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program.